PSA: New Scam Targets Hispanic Community Threatening to Bring Victims to Court if They Don’t Pay for Items Alleged Ordered

This is a public service announcement. Earlier this month, a woman entered the San Diego superior court looking for a fictional courtroom. She had been told earlier by an unknown individual over the phone that she owed money for items she allegedly ordered and unless she paid $2,500, they would bring her into court. This particular woman decided to go to court.
Court officials called the number and were told by the individual on the phone that she would only speak in Spanish. Court officials believe this is the latest scam to hit San Diego. The scammers pose as a court official or police officer seeking to collect on items the victims allegedly ordered.
These scammers appear to target the Hispanic community, and other vulnerable non-English speakers. “These scams happen every year; sometimes they tell people there are charges for failing to show up for jury services or charges for clearing up arrest warrants; this time it’s charges for not paying for ordered items,” said Executive Officer Michel Roddy “Once again, we want the public to know the court or law enforcement will not call you with this type of issue and court will never, ever demand cash as the way to make charges go away.”
If you believe you’re the victim of one of these scams, simply hang up the phone. If the individual becomes aggressive, contact the police. The courts and the police will never, ever call you to collect cash as a way to make criminal charges go away.

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