Who is PIAC?

Our mission is to ensure the public interest always has robust legal representation.
We recognize that public interest legal representation must be made more accessible and affordable.  Our mission consists of three components:
1) Advocate on behalf of the public interest – on a diverse range of matters – that might otherwise go unrepresented;
2) Advise and assist community groups pursuing social or environmental justice; and
3) Educate law students and attorneys in public interest advocacy and how to make such advocacy part of a fulfilling and viable legal career.
Our “public interests” include but are not limited to:
  • Representation of disadvantaged or displaced populations regarding access to shelter, food, health care, and basic human necessities.
  • Representation of the public interest in a sustainable and healthy urban environment.
  • Representation of the public’s interest in affordable housing, nutrition, health care, and recreation.
  • Representation of the public’s interest in fair employment practices.
View our IRS 501(c)(3) approval here.