Community Planning Groups

What is PIAC?

We are a collaboration of senior attorneys, mid-career attorneys, new attorneys, and legal professionals. Our structure allows us to provide affordable, and sometimes pro-bono, legal services that are currently unavailable.

PIAC’s Purpose

• Increase legal representation of the public’s interest in matters that have a community-wide or broad impact

• Train attorneys in public interest legal representation. The ultimate goal is improved social justice and environmental conservation.

We Are Believers in the Community Planning Process

We support sustainable urbanism, alternative transportation, affordable housing, and smart growth, and we think these goals should be pursued through the community planning process. This process incorporates community improvements through each community’s self-identity and aspirations rather than through spot zoning or “Trojan Horse” projects masquerading as smart growth.

What PIAC Does for Community Planning Groups

We can be of service to communities in a number of ways such as:

• Organizing and Teaching Legal Workshops

• Helping to Form Non-Profit Organizations

• Legal Advocacy

• Legislative Analysis and Advocacy


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