Get to Know PIAC’s Summer 2019 Internship Class

PIAC Members and Interns at Brunch Table

PIAC’s 2019 summer internship has begun.  This year, we have four excellent interns joining us.  This year, they will be creating blog posts, researching court dockets for opportunities to write amicus briefs, help develop an MCLE program, and more.  We’re so excited about working with these law students from California Western School of Law, and we want you to get a chance to know them.

Bria Burgamy

After growing up in Denver, Bria moved to San Diego for law school.  For years, she has been committed to advocating for human rights.  Law school helped her discover her passion for environmental law, as well.  Her career aspiration is to demonstrate the “significance of understanding the interconnectedness between humans and our planet and the importance in protecting the rights of all who live here.”  Bria wanted to be a part of PIAC because of her desire to help the public good through any avenue she could.

Francis Carlota

Francis came to San Diego by way of Memphis, Tennessee.  His career goal is to be able to practice law within the world of sports.  He embraces PIAC’s mission to help attorneys in private practice to, in his words, “always leave a positive mark wherever [he goes].”  Francis spent years as a Big Brother in Memphis, where he loved his ability to make a difference to disadvantaged people.  He is now President of the Asian Pacific American Law Students Association in his law school.  He is excited to gain legal experience, learn from a variety of attorneys, and take advantage of the opportunity to do impactful work.

Nicole Nazari

Nicole entered law school without a clear path for the specific area of practice in mind.  What she has always known, however, is that she wants to be a “crusader for the people,” a goal PIAC shares.  She hopes to use her background in public health and with incarcerated persons to address and advocate for the people affected by these issues.  She is excited to use PIAC’s blog as an opportunity to develop her writing skills and publicize her viewpoints and solutions.

Monet Valdez

Prior to entering law school, Monet worked as a claims adjuster for 8 years. During her undergrad, Monet began working at the school’s Latin@ Center.  She used that opportunity to get her foot in the door with the North County Immigration and Citizenship Center and helped bring resources to the Spanish-speaking parents at her college.  Through these experiences, she discovered her passion and capability to connect and empower the Latino community, especially being a bilingual first-generation student.  She recognized the power of the law to do so when she saw that her parents were intimidated by the law, fearing to even ask questions.  This formed her foundational belief that the “law should not operate to serve only those who can understand the law.”  She is now President of the La Raza Law Student Association at California Western School of Law.  Her goal for law school and her experience with PIAC is to “learn as much as [she] can to help the community that has shaped who [she] is.”