Summer 2019 Intern Perspective: Nicole Nazari

By: Nicole Nazari

With five courses each semester, the first year of law school provided no opportunity (or time) to apply the law to my interests.  So, I wanted a summer internship which would allow me to deviate from the rigid IRAC structure to write about issues profoundly affecting people’s lives. There was only one internship I found that allowed me to write powerful pieces about powerful issues: the Public Interest Advocacy Collaborative.

I wrote about pharmaceutical prices, the Affordable Care Act, gun violence, and prison rehabilitation programs–pieces that even taught myself a significant amount about the issues. Most importantly, the team helped me become a better writer.

The editing process was thorough. After a draft submission, another intern (the peer editor) made changes. The supervising attorneys then edited that draft even more. The comments taught me how to make my writing more clear and succinct, all while still maintaining passion.

Overall, the internship allowed me to refine my writing skills, which is of utmost importance in the legal field. Most importantly, the ability to write about issues I am passionate about reaffirmed why I am came to law school.